About Collette MacDonald & The Growth Group

Our mission statement is to aid individuals as they progress from Trauma to Triumph and achieve effective personal growth to reach their maximum level of functionality within their chosen environment. Our training assumes a holistic client centred approach which ensures that we are working with individuals according to their style, preference, and capabilities. This can range from mindfulness techniques to basic level health teaching approach.


growth & strategy

These teachings may be focused in such areas as developing self-esteem, self-awareness, personal boundaries, communication strategies, emotional connection strategies, emotional connection, social skills, stress management, anger management/treatment, and improving personal judgement and insight.

A Blend of Cognitive & Behavioural Techniques

We may progress to more sophisticated, in-depth levels related to personal self-excavation using a variety of psychotherapeutic approached. A blending of cognitive and behavioural therapeutic techniques and the new “Dialectic Behavioural Therapy” may be added to accomplish progress and achieve successful lifestyle choices.

A Pillar of Therapeutic Development

The Growth Group has been a pillar of therapeutic development and counselling in Barrie and the greater Simcoe County region for the past 30 years to individuals of varying ages and demographics.

We work with a diverse range of complex issues including mood disorders, treatment resistant anxiety/panic disorders, adult and adolescent attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), couple conflict resolution, brief strategic interventions; and past childhood trauma recovery work emotional/verbal/physical/sexual abuse.

A Message From Collette

Through my ongoing desire for professional growth and through the addition of key associates, I continually challenge myself and those around me to explore increasingly complex mental health issues. I have augmented my skills with continuing education and intensive training in a variety of therapeutic modules and counselling strategies. Further to this, I have expanded The Growth Group to include associated of varying skills sets to better assist our clientele.


Contact any of our associates either by Physician, Legal Advisor, or direct referral.