Meet Collette MacDonald.

It has been quite a journey for myself since introducing The Growth Group® to Simcoe County.

As a parent and Academic professional, I have made it my life passion to explore the many types of treatments that are available and have been extremely fortunate to be able to connect with some of the best psychologists and doctors in the province of Ontario which makes me feel that I can provide to my client family the treatment available today.

Providing Counseling and Consulting services is a constant growing experience not only for my clients but also for myself. I am looking forward to working with you and your challenges. 

Work Experience

Private Practice, Specializing In:

  • Couples and Individuals Counseling

  • Business and Stress Management

  • Family and Business Mediation

Crises & Trauma Resource Institute

  • Mental Illness in Children & Youth

Therapist for Ministry of the Attorney General

  • Victim Quick Response Program

  • "BOOST" - Victims of Child Internet Exploration

Department of National Defence

  • Stress Management

  • Trauma Reduction

Sexual Abuse

  • Trail Expertise for Clients Seeking Civil Litigation

Ontario Association of Family Mediation

  • Mediator for Family Law

  • Court Reports & Appearances

Teaching Experience

Mental Health Centre - Barrie, Ontario

  • Psychiatric Nursing Assistant Program for the Provincial Examinations

General Information

2010 | Cancer Survivorship Programs - Dana Farber Centre, Harvard Medical School

2008 - Present | Business Communication Seminars

2008 - Present | Ministry of the Attorney General - Victims Quick Response Program

2000 - Present | ADD, ADHD Workshops

1988 - 2008 | Family Mediation Assessment & Reports

1988 - 1995 | Custody & Access Assessments for Provincial Court

1986 - Present | Insurance Reports & Psychological Trauma Therapy

1985 - Present | Business Stress Management Seminars

1985 - Present | Trauma Reduction Therapy - PTSD

Professional Accreditation

  • NAMA member and Cams-1 Specialist

  • Police and Vulnerable Sector Check

  • Harvard Accreditation - Support for the Different Types of Cancer

  • Harvard Specialty for A.D.D., A.D.H.D. and Bipolar

  • Board of Education - Simcoe County - Employee Assistance Program Therapist

R.N.A.O | Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

C.A.N.I.P | Canadian Association of Nurses in Private Practice

C.A.F.M | Canadian Association of Family Meditation