The Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program

TGG focuses on an educational/treatment approach which is a new and revolutionary way to think about helping domestic violence offenders change their thinking and actions. This approach to domestic violence focuses upon achieving “safety for all” and also includes anger management skills and techniques for individuals’ future relationships.

The Partner Assault Response (PAR) program is a Domestic Violence Court initiative that delivers a specialized community-based individual/group education/counselling program to offenders who have been mandated by the court to attend the PAR program in response to a criminal charge involving domestic violence.

The Growth Group looks to engage the client through learning and promoting the Growth Mindset. This brings transformation of the individual. With the goal of integrating fragmented anger states, this approach ultimately increases an individual’s confidence, self-esteem and sense of inner personal power or OK’ness.

How This Program Works:

TGG specialists have been educated by the leaders in this field to ensure that people who call themselves Partner Assault Response Specialists actually know what they are doing. TGG’s Specialists incorporate a comprehensive and balanced PAR program, based on the Duluth Model and the Power and Control Model for treating domestic violence offenders, as an intervention program.

Within the PAR program provided by TGG:

Individuals must fully complete each of the 12 modules, as well as the exercises found there in, by ‘personalizing’ what they are learning in the program, into their workbook.

Once successfully completing all the module requirements to the satisfaction of the NAMA guidelines set forth by our PAR Specialists, they receive their certificate of completion and letter for:

  • Court Purposes

  • Employment Purposes

  • Educational Purposes

  • Personal Growth Purposes

Our instructors are ‘Certified Partner Assault Response Specialists’ (CPARS-II) and are registered members of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA – Which is represented in over 21 countries worldwide).

The Partner Assault Response (PAR) program involves each individual discussing modules 1 through 12 culminating in a final assessment at the end of each individualized program. A comprehensive Report and/or a Certificate of Completion will be issued, subject only to the approval of the Ontario Justice Court System Representative, after the successful completion of the program.

Utilizing tools to cultivate Cognitive Awareness while using the latest in Mindfulness Techniques, we will assist you in using what is taught by addressing your daily lifestyle, and how these newly learned techniques can be implemented. We as humans have the capacity to develop and grow as adults – beyond childhood and adolescence – our lives are not predetermined and they ARE subject to change.

History doesn’t have to repeat itself.

The following topics are discussed and worked through during session in the PAR Program:

  • Assessment: narrative, context of precipitating events (Understanding why you are here)

  • Alternatives to using intimidation, utilizing Non-Threatening Behaviour

  • Moving from Emotional Abuse to Respect

  • A focus on not Isolating oneself, while enabling Trust and Support for others

  • Moving from Minimizing, Denying, Blaming and Shaming to Honesty, Accountability, Integrity and Self-Regulation

  • Growing from Coercion and Threats, to enabling Negotiation and Fairness, culminating with Forgiveness in relationships

  • Anger awareness (with a focus on internal cues: psychological and physiological changes)

  • Anger interventions and applications e.g. non-retaliation in confrontations, defusing anger in interpersonal interactions, mindfulness in everyday life, letting go and not holding on. Individuals maintain an ongoing ‘Anger Log’ to assist in this.

Our specialists remain current in their education and accreditations. They are encouraged to ‘NEVER STOP LEARNING’.

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The Growth Group offers PAR (Partner Assault Resolution) & Domestic Violence and Anger Management Training.

Our program is gender equal servicing males, females, and is LGBTQ sensitive. Parenting Anger Management is available.

The Growth Group’s goal is to make you the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

Responsible Parenting

  • Effective open communication within relationships, discussing more specifically: core characteristics of relationships, non-violent behaviour in relationships and equality in relationships

  • Stress management in relationships

  • Family of origin issues as these relate to partner assault

  • Short and long term effects of partner assault

  • Focusing on Socio-Economic Abuse and how to ensure that there is an Economic Partnership

  • Review of the above topics

  • Conclusion and Final Assessment

The Growth Group offers:

  • Group classes

  • Individual sessions

  • Open Enrolment – This means participants may join lessons in progress, they do not have to wait, you can get help today.

  • Times that suit you (days, evenings, and weekends)

  • We offer classes and individuals sessions with a Gender inclusive focus. Research indicates that there are few substantive differences between treating male versus female domestic violence offenders

  • Likewise, these programs are appropriate for members of our LGBTQ Community, and, are fully dynamic and able to meet the unique needs of every individual.

TGG currently offers the PAR program in various locations across Simcoe County mainly: Bradford, Barrie, Orillia, Midland and Collingwood. How often the program is run and when varies based on location. All participant referrals may come through probation or the court system, Lawyers, Family Doctors, Friends and Relatives. All participants are required to complete a confidentiality form upon being enrolled in a group. Participants whom are enrolled in either the group or individual sessions must complete an intake form to continue.

PAR Program Specialists and Anger Management Specialists have been educated by the leaders in this field to ensure that people whom call themselves Domestic Violence and Anger Management Specialists actually know what they are doing.

  • Individual training for professionals

  • Court ordered participation

  • Corporate recommended education and training

  • Our instructors are trained and certified Partner Assault Response Program Specialists, as well as, Anger Management Specialists.

  • Our program includes The Duluth Model and The Power and Control Model – This program is Court Approved

Our goal is to promote a healthier happier life first and foremost, however, our main focus is to equip each individual with the tools necessary to cope and manage their anger, long after they have completed this course.
— Gavin, The Growth Group

Please call and leave a confidential message for Gavin, at (705)-715-3754 or (705)-229-7079.

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You have the ability to keep growing.

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