Anger Management Training, Counseling, and Support.

Anger is a completely normal healthy human emotion. The problem begins when anger gets out of control, turns destructive and affects not only our personal relationships, but, other areas of our lives as well.

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Frustration, tension, impatience, angry outbursts, tightness in muscles, sweating, rapid heartbeat and verbal lashing are just some of the symptoms of anger. As stated above - anger is a typical human emotion – it cannot always be avoided but it can be managed effectively. How we express our anger can either get us into trouble, or help us to express our feelings in a way that creates positive change. When anger becomes a problem, it can lead to serious consequences such as loss of our life partners, friendships, depression and anxiety, problems at work, increased drug or alcohol use, legal charges and even jail time.

Anger Management is the process of engaging novelty through learning and promoting the ‘Growth Mindset’. The brain is designed to develop and evolve through Psycho-Activity. Psycho-Activity is the tool we activate in of our clients. Our Specialists will work through analyzing integrated fragmented anger states with each of our clients. This approach ultimately increases an individual’s confidence, self-esteem, and sense of inner personal power or OK’ness.

What TGG Anger Management Program Is About:

TGG’s Anger Management program provides education and/or a therapeutic opportunity to deal with anger in a positive, functional way.

Utilizing the latest in Mindfulness Techniques and addressing a client’s daily Lifestyle, Psycho-Active Anger Management is Neuroplasticity-in-Action. The more connections between neurons are formed, the more we grow and develop. As those connections get stronger, the less we have to think about what we’re doing. Our goal is to cultivate Cognitive Awareness.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Self-Talk

  • Mindfulness

  • Respectful Listening

  • Understanding Physical Cues

  • Recognizing Bating and instigation cues

  • Styles of Communication

  • Time Out Strategy

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Stress Management

Intense emotions such as anger are often triggered in unexpected situations, in our personal relationships or in the workplace.

  • Anger might sometimes appear out of the blue and surprise everyone by its sudden onset and intensity.

  • Angry feelings might be present a lot of the time for no clear reason.

  • Anger can mask, or substitute for, other difficult feelings such as fear, hurt, guilt, jealousy, frustration or shame.Both fear and anger are powerful motivators that can trigger the body’s primal instincts to, “fight, flight or freeze”. Your heart rate and breathing may speed up, the face may flush, the jaw and fists might clench, and the voice may get louder. This is the body preparing to act.

Humans have the capacity to develop and grow as adults - beyond childhood and adolescence.
— Collette, The Growth Group

The Growth Group offers:

  • Group classes
  • Individual sessions
  • Open Enrollment – This means participants may join lessons in progress, they do not have to wait, you can get help today.
  • Times that suit you (days, evenings, and weekends)

We offer classes and individuals sessions with a Gender inclusive focus. Research indicates that there are few substantive differences between treating male versus female domestic violence offenders.

TGG’s Anger Management program can help participants to identify their anger style, their triggers and the scenarios that prompt anger. The Specialist then assists the participant in examining different strategies for dealing with anger. Programs may also deal with conflict resolution, by examining different responses to conflict and conflict resolution styles.

The big question is: What kind of action will follow when our primal instincts have been activated? Are we able to ground ourselves and find our sense of ‘OKness’? Participants may include people who internalize their anger as well as those who act it out verbally or in behaviour towards others.

It’s important to remember that anger, though powerful, is just an emotion.

Likewise, these programs are appropriate for members of our LGBTQ Community, and, are fully dynamic and able to meet the unique needs of every individual.

Anger Management Specialists have been educated by the leaders in this field to ensure that people whom call themselves Anger Management Specialists actually know what they are doing.

  • Individual training for professionals

  • Court ordered participation

  • Corporate recommended education and training

  • Our instructors are trained and certified Anger Management Specialists – In conjunction with The National Anger Management Association (NAMA).

The best prediction of a person’s success in this program is the willingness to honestly examine and admit the consequences of their anger problem.
— Gavin, The Growth Group

Programs may be court-ordered or voluntary. The Growth Group’ will issue a comprehensive Report and/or a Certificate of Completion subject to the approval of the Ontario Justice Court System, after the successful completion of the program.

Please call and leave a confidential message for Gavin, at (705)-715-3754 or (705)-229-7079.

Representing change, development, and evolution. Keep Growing™

TGG works at separating the chaos of anger out for participants, making them more conscious during the anger response; thus empowering them to make a different, better choice.
— Gavin, The Growth Group

You have the ability to keep growing.

Learn more about The Growth Mindset today.