Anger Management Training, Counseling, and Support.

Anger is a completely normal healthy human emotion. The problem begins when anger gets out of control, turns destructive and affects not only our personal relationships, but, other areas of our lives as well.

The best prediction of a person’s success in this program is the willingness to honestly examine and admit the consequences of their anger problem.
— Gavin, The Growth Group

Psycho-Activity Anger Management is the process of engaging novelty through learning and promoting the Growth Mindset. This brings transformation of the individual. With the goal of integrating fragmented anger states, this approach ultimately increases an individual’s: 

  • Confidence

  • Self-Esteem

  • Sense of Inner Personal Power or OK’ness

Utilizing tools to cultivate Cognitive Awareness while using the latest in Mindfulness Techniques and addressing a client’s daily Lifestyle, Psycho- Active Anger Management is Neuroplasticity-in-action. The more connections between neurons are formed, the more we grow and develop. As those connections get stronger, the less we must think about what we’re doing.

The brain is designed to develop and evolve through Psycho-activity. Humans have the capacity to develop and grow as adults – beyond childhood and adolescence – and Psycho-Activity is the tool to activate it in our clients.

What is program this about?

This is a new and revolutionary way to think about helping domestic violence offenders change their thinking and actions. This treatment approach to domestic violence focuses upon achieving ‘safety for all’ and also includes anger management skills and techniques for individuals’ future relationships. 

The National Anger Management Association (NAMA) is the international professional association (represented in 21 countries) for the fields of anger management, crisis intervention and domestic violence (  Anger Management therapy is also available.

Certified Specialists

Membership levels (Member, Fellow, Diplomat) are open to any anger management, crisis intervention and domestic violence professional.  Specialist certification for anger management (CAMS), crisis intervention (CCIS) and domestic violence (CDVS) is offered to individuals completing the NAMA authorized training programs.

This program includes an Anger Log (and anger scale) and the program literally CHANGES the way a person thinks about their anger response.  It can take a chaotic, out of control, unconscious series of reactions that happen in the primitive brain and give the experience structure, understanding “new possibilities” for outcomes to happen from the evolved brain.

It separates the chaos of anger out for participants and therefore makes them more conscious during the anger response; thus, empowering them to make a different, better choice.

The Anger Log envelopes the “multi-faceted approach to anger” included with the modules taught week to week.

Individual Workbooks & Personal Application Program

Also included are open-ended opportunities for individuals to describe their actual feelings and experiences when angry. We endorse personal engagement within our individual settings, using real life experiences and potential life experiences to teach and educate. Our goal is to promote a healthier happier life first and foremost, however, our main focus it to equip each individual with the tools necessary to cope and manage their anger, long after they have completed this course. 

The best prediction of a person’s success in this program is the willingness to honestly examine and admit the consequences of their anger problem. 

NAMA – National Anger Management Association

Our counselors are:

  • NAMA credentialed
  • NAMA graduates
  • Our mentor is Laura Beth Moss – consultant to NYPD

The Growth Group® offers:

  • Individual sessions
  • Same sex sessions
  • Mixed gender sessions

Times available:

  • Evenings
  • Days
  • Weekends
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How This Program Works

The Growth Group® specialists have been educated by the leaders in this field to ensure that people whom call themselves anger management specialists actually know what they are doing.

  • Individuals must fully complete each module and the exercises found there in by personalizing what they are learning into their workbook. 

  • Once successfully completing all the module requirements to the satisfaction of the NAMA guidelines set forth by our anger management specialists, they receive their certificate of completion and letter for:

    • court purposes

    • employment purposes

    • educational purposes

    • personal growth purposes

  • Does include anger therapy

  • Our instructors are ‘Certified Anger Management Specialists’ (CAMS-I) and are registered members of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA).

  • Our Specialists remain current in their education and accreditations. They are encouraged to engage in continuing education, they are encouraged to never stop learning. 

Anger Management Specialists

Promoting ‘The Growing Mindset’ and endorsing ongoing use of this program. We provide a Gender Neutral program to service not only males, but females as well. Also within our program we are equipped to assist those in our LGBTQ community.

Representing change, development, and evolution.

Please call and leave a confidential message for Gavin, at (705)-715-3754 or (705)-229-7079.

Keep Growing™

Programs may be court-ordered or voluntary. The Growth Group’ will issue a comprehensive Report and/or a Certificate of Completion subject to the approval of the Ontario Justice Court System, after the successful completion of the program.

You have the ability to keep growing.

Learn more about The Growth Mindset today.

TGG works at separating the chaos of anger out for participants, making them more conscious during the anger response; thus empowering them to make a different, better choice.
— Gavin, The Growth Group