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The Growth Group

Collette MacDonald is a committed therapist and Regulated Health Care Professional.

My Mission statement assists on individual to progress from "trauma to triumph" and for each person to achieve effective personal growth in order to reach their maximum level of functional ability within their chosen environment.

My training assumes a holistic client centered approach which ensures that we are working with individuals according to their style, preference and capabilities. This can range from basic level health teaching in specific areas such as developing self-esteem, self-awareness, personal boundaries, communication strategies , emotional connection, social skills, stress management, anger treatment and improving personal judgement and insight. We often progress to more sophisticated, in-depth levels related to personal self-excavation using variety of psychotherapeutic approaches. A blending of cognitive behavioural techniques may be added to accomplish progress and achieve successful lifestyle choices.

As a Regulated Health Care Professional I am required to be registered with my Professional College. The College is the regulating body for my profession and has been established by the Provincial Government to monitor the practice of all registrants. This protects you, the client, by ensuring that I provide counselling which is ethical and follows professional guidelines according to the standards of my profession. Feel reassured that the College enables you to address any questions you may have about the service you receive.

The Growth Group has been providing counselling to the area for the past 40 years to individuals who are age 13 and older. My ongoing desire to professional growth has been challenged me to explore increasingly complex mental health issues. I have augmented my skills with continuing education and intensive training in a variety of therapeutic modalities and counselling strategies. I work with a diverse range of complex issues including Mood Disorders, Treatment Resistant Anxiety/Panic disorders, Eating Disorders, Adult and Adolescent Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Couple Conflict Resolution, Brief Strategic Interventions and Past Childhood Trauma Recovery Work from Emotional/Verbal/Physical/Sexual Abuse. You may contact me by either Physician or direct referral. My professional designation allows me to offer you an income tax receipt.

My Mission statement assists on individual to progress from "trauma to triumph" and for each person to achieve effective personal growth in order to reach their maximum level of functional ability within their chosen environment.

Who is the Growth Group?

Collette MacDonald and Button

Please meet Collette MacDonald RN. MA.

Welcome to my website! It has been quite a journey for myself. Both as a parent and a academic professional I have realized my own growth and passions over the years of private practice.

In an attempt to secure the best treatment possible I have linked in with some of the best psychologists and doctors in the province of Ontario. I have created a network to resource the best care for not only my family but for my client family also!

These relationships have helped me keep current and exposed me to leading edge treatment modalities that are available today!

I am looking forward to working with you and your challenges. Please contact me through the office or direct at 705-715-3754

Work Experience

  • Private practice, Barrie ON - Couples and individuals psychotherapy, business and stress management, family and business mediation
  • Department of National Defense - stress management and trauma reduction
  • Sexual Abuse - Trail expertise for clients seeking Civil Litigation
  • Ontario Association of Family Mediation
    • Mediator for family law
    • Court reports and appearances
  • Therapist for Ministry of the Attorney General
    • Victim Quick Response Program
    • "BOOST" - Victims of Child Internet Exploration


  • Part-Time Teaching - Georgian College, R.N. and R.N.A. programs in classroom, clinical and teaching in four Hospitals
  • Taught Psychiatric Nursing Assistant Program for the Provincial Examination - Georgian College


  • Diploma in Family Mediation - Ryerson Polytechnical Institute taught to O.A.F.M. standards by Dr. Barbara Landau - Psychologist & Lawyer
  • Master in Psychology - University of Toronto, with work in training analysis at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry
  • Registered Nursing Program, Women's College Hospital, Toronto ON

Professional Accreditation

  • Police and Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Harvard Accreditation - Psychotherapy Support for the Different Types of Cancer
  • Harvard Specialty for ADD, ADHD and Bipolar - Coach, Manager, Educator, Psychotherapist
  • Board of Education Employee Assistance Program Therapist

Ongoing conferences & "Leading Edge" Work Shops

  • Corporate Health - affiliated staff for diagnosis, assessment and crisis treatment
  • Substance abuse
  • Insurance reports and Psychologist Trauma Therapy
  • Trauma Reduction Therapy - PTSD
Collette MacDonald

Please meet Button

Button is a tiny 3lb natural therapy dog. Button participates in all youth sessions in a calm, sensitive way. She is excellent at licking tears, snuggles, playing to ease the stress and genuinely builds her own relationship with all clients. In a non-distracting manner she nurtures those who benefit from her sensitivity and warmth.

The Grwoth Group

Therapy Services

Quattro Fertilization

Are you riding the emotional roller coaster of I.U.U and I.V.F. Quattro Fertilization?

Sexual Identity Crisis

Relationship complexities and problems with authority. The challenges facing teenagers and parents are too numerous to list and we offer diverse approaches and sensitivity to the entire family.

Concussion and Brain Injury

The growing awareness and early diagnosis of Brain Injury allow early aggressive treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral

At the Growth Group CBT is typically used interchangeably with psychodynamic psychotherapy in an effort to provide a holistic approach to healing an individual's problem areas and assisting them along their journey of personal growth.

Relationship Counseling

All relationships navigate through three specific phases in order to arrive at a deeper more intimate connection that is long lasting.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a form of interactive verbal therapy that enables an individual to find relief from emotional pain that arises from their subconscious motives and conflicts.

Teen Therapy

Perhaps the only thing more difficult than being a teenager is parenting one. Raging hormones, struggles for independence, peer pressure, and an emerging identity wreak havoc in the soul of the adolescent.

Contact us

Our telephone number where you can leave a confidential message is (705)-728-6918. Our fax number is (705)-728-0709.

The Growth Group is located at:
72 Ross Street - Unit 15 - Barrie, Ontario L4N 1G3

Enter the building from 72 Ross Street - under village shops sign. Waiting area to the right in the hall by the Growth Group door.

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